Friday, November 30, 2012


Hi guys.  First off, this post has no pictures.  I wanted to post pictures but apparently I have reached my limit on blogger?!  Well that is unless I want to pay for an upgrade :/  I am thinking about creating a wordpress account.  I would use the same blog name and everything.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea :)  I will let you all now in a follow up post what I decide to do.  But onto todays picture-less post.

This past weekend I was in Edinburgh with my family.  My brother has been looking at universities and that was one that was on his list.  Since he had a long weekend, my family decided to just spend the weekend there.  I flew up to meet them and we had a great time (even if I only was with them for 36 hours)!  

On Friday evening, we went to dinner at a restaurant that was a the top of a museum   The view was really nice and that was about the only thing that was nice!  It sounds harsh but I was really unimpressed by the meal.  For a starter I had a warm squid salad with fennel.  It was fine but it was almost as if the chef had forgotten to add the acid (some lemon juice would have been perfect) and salt!!  It was also an extremely small portion.  Then for the main I had fish with peppers and potatoes.  This portion was HUGE.  It tasted fine but was nothing special.  I just got the cheese for dessert which was again, mediocre.  It was quite a disappointing meal, but I was happy to spend time with my family and catch up.

Saturday my mom and I went on a food tour!  It was really interesting.  We went to various restaurants and wine/whiskey bars and tried different foods and drinks.  It lasted nearly 4 hours and we were SO full by the end of it.  We definitely shouldn't have eaten lunch beforehand!  Although, lunch was good. We ate at a cute cafe where I had bean and tomato soup and granary bread sandwich with spicy prawn filling.

Of course I wasn't hungry for dinner because of our day of eating but we already had a booking.  We ate at The Witchery which was better than the night before.  I really enjoyed our meal.  For starters I had a fish soup (we had this soup over Spring Break when we were in the south of France) which you eat with toasted bread, grated cheese, and a garlic aioli.  I had baked salmon with greens and baked sweet potato chips for my main.  To be honest I was so completely full that I couldn't even THINK about dessert!  My brother ordered this really dense chocolate tart though which looked delicious!

It was a great trip; however, 36 hours is WAY to short of a time to spend in such an interesting city.  I will definitely try to go back sometime soon and explore it more :)

Have you been to Edinburgh?

Have you done any food tours of cities before?


  1. The Witchery is AMAZING :) The back room with the giant tree/plant thing is so cool. Great to see you up in Edinburgh even though it was only an hour! :) Come back soon!

    1. Yea that is where we ate! Great seeing you too :)

  2. O.M.Gosh! I can't believe blogger has a picture limit :L thats so rubbish :( And I've never been to Edinburgh but I would love to go! apparently its on the list of most beautiful places in the world to visit! :D Libby xo

    1. I know, neither did I! I'm not happy about it!

      It was so pretty, definitely worth the trip :)